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Advanced Minimalist Blog Script Features

Date: 09.03.2021 15:15 Reading Time: 2 min. 36 sec. Author: John Doe

Advanced Minimalist Blog Script Features:

  • The entire blog system is fully compatible with SEO
  • It is responsive to all devices
  • It is possible to integrate podcasts into your posts!
  • You can instantly share the content you create in an office word document on your page with copy and paste.
  • It automatically calculates how long your content will be read and shows it to your visitors.
  • Minimalist lines are used in the front design.
  • Admin panel is advanced and easy-to-use so that you can make changes comfortably.
  • All texts, photos and fields in the blog can be edited from the admin panel.
  • All of the fixed articles, including menu articles, on your site can be changed from the admin panel. (It can be translated into different languages.)
  • How many posts will be shown on the homepage can be controlled from the admin panel.
  • By its dark / light mode, it offers a design suitable for users' preference. (It is registered as a special cookie in the users' browser.)
  • Has an advanced subscription system. (Details below)
  • Provides convenience with content search system.
  • Has an advanced message leaving system to ensure accessibility.
  • Has an advanced user tracking system to see and manage the pages, ip addresses, language information of your site visitors.
  • You can simply check the sharing status of your social media accounts from the admin panel.
  • Has a tag cloud system.
  • Has a gallery system that can be opened and closed according to your preference from the admin panel.
  • By the maintenance mode, you can temporarily turn off and on the blog.


SEO Compatibility:

  • All of your content is automatically transferred to sitemap.xml.
  • All of its tags are automatically transferred to sitemap.xml.
  • When you update the favicon from the admin panel, manifes.json and all sizes of favicons are automatically created in a way that compatible with PWA.
  • SEO Title and SEO Description are automatically created for each of your posts.
  • When you share your posts on your social media platforms, special description and a cover photo is created for each post.
  • You can add your Google Track and Adsense Codes from the admin panel.


Advanced Subscription System:

  • You can manage your subscribers through the admin panel.
  • When sharing a post, your subscribers will automatically receive the link of the content you have just shared and the text you set beforehand.
  • The e-mail title and content to be sent to subscribers can be edited.
  • Mail sending can be turned on or off for each post.
  • The subscription system can be completely turned off and on from the admin panel.

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Advanced Minimalist Blog Script Features
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