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Two Things That Make Me Feel Good

Date: 09.03.2021 15:01 Reading Time: 3 min. 57 sec. Author: John Doe
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I would definitely say that traveling is one of the things that make my life good. Yet, it's not something like fetching my backpack between two cities, my hometown and the city where my university is located. It's more like traveling to places that I've never been before. Cities that are less likely to be visited by tourists but more likely to be visited by real globetrotters,me...The two days I visited Gaziantep,Kahramanmaras and Kayseri were the time I found the source of my happiness in this tiny blue planet, I think. I'm not one of those ''Could you please take my picture in front of that building?'' kind of traveler. Therefore, I enjoy joining the throngs of cities and listening to the sound of them. Another thing that I think makes my life good is success that comes by means of determination and hardwork. I love making my future dreams my realities. For example, I've always wanted to become a part of my university since I was a little kid and then, I've accomplished my goal. Also, I've always wanted be an efficient sportsplayer and I'm becoming one. My will to power is my supplementary nutrition for my existence and my hunger for more is keeping me on the track of the route of success and yes,I thrive in such cases. 


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Two Things That Make Me Feel Good
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